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S8 Creative is me, Darren Stokes. 

Since 2017, when I ventured out into the freelance world,

it was always to find a wider variety of interesting, challenging,

and rewarding projects.

Since then I have worked with some of the biggest studios in the

world to small businesses starting out. Industry-leading agencies 

and friends in need of some creative help. It's all about the creative.

I love to create memorable and entertaining video solutions

from all manner of budgets and creative parameters. 

With 21 years of experience originating in TV Promotions, here I

learnt the linear basics of video creativity at the channels Bravo,

Living TV, Trouble and Challenge TV.

3 years later I started at Sony, where over the next 11 years I helped 

launch a plethora of International channels and was personally

responsible for two launches in South Africa as Head of Creative. 

If you have a project and think I can help, please get in touch.


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